According to the new EU law about electronic communication, from 25th of July 2003, everyone visiting a homepage that uses cookies, has the right to be informed about this and about:
  • what the cookies are used for and
  • how the cookies can be avoided

This Homepage is equipped with an invisible stat counter that uses cookies, informing the owner of the homepage about
  • how many visitors there are on every link of the homepage
  • through which server the visitors enter the page
  • which country the visitors come from
  • which browser the visitora use
  • the time spent visiting the homepage
  • how many visits the visitor have made during the last month
  • what link that led the visitor into the homepage
  • which, of the links of the homepage that has been most frequently visited
The counter does not reveal the individual persons visiting the homepage. The visitors then are totally anonoymous to me, the owner of the homepage.

The statistics, that the counter delivers, is used to embetter the page, by adapting it to the wants and whishes of the visitors.

Those who do not want cookies in their computors can shut off the cookie registration function in his/her computor, or delete certain and not wanted cookies from it. How to do this is usually described in the help function of the computors.