Convoco's Collies


Korad, S LCh Cleopatra
Sire: Stardog's Peer
Dame:. John Blund's Xantippa (Silka)

It all started with this collie lady. She was fantastic. Which first dog is not?

At first, she trained me for five years, and then I tried to train her the following five years. The results were not impressing, but she became an Obedience Champion and a search-and-rescue dog, level 4 (out of 4 levels).

For Cleo life was an ongoing festivity, and if one day it wasn't, she turned the day into one. Life simply could not be boring together with Cleo. If I felt a little bit down some day, she stood there with her piece of cloth: "Hei there, don't be such a bore, let's play instead!!"

I will probably never get a collie like her again.

Pedigree (in a new window)

Cleo. Drawing, 1991, Kerstin Berminge
(39 x 28 cm)

Cleo. Gouache 1981, Kerstin Berminge
(20 x 20 cm)


Cleo was an Obedience Champion and was certified as an elite class (fourth level) Search and Resque Dogs in our Working Dogs competition system (she did not become a Working Dog Champion though).

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