Convoco's Collies

A Portrait of Convoco's Opus

S Lch Convoco's Opus
e. S & Int Bch. Svensk och nordisk mästare i sök Hassleholms Omar
u. Korad, S Lch Cleopatra

Opus simply was around. At the beginning, I found him rather bleak compared to his mother, Cleo, but when he had matured, he became a mentally very strong and trustable dog, with no fear concerning gunfire or any other events in his environment. Maybe he was still not his mother's son, but he was an ideal collie male. If nothing happened, he relaxed. If something happened, or if I demanded something from him, he alerted, at once prepared to work for me, and to satisfy my demands.

While working, I trained him as a tracking dog and a search-and rescue dog, he was very energetic, and he never gave in. In contrast to his mother, who had thousand things on her mind all the time, he had only one thing there, what I put into his head for the moment. It was very convenient while training him, and at competitions. He performed his tasks eagerly, and if he did not understand what I wanted him to do, he tried until he understood. He loved to please me, and to work with me.
Opus. Blyertsteckning 1991, Kerstin Berminge
(28 x 37 cm)

It happened of course, that he made mistakes on a tracking or search-and-rescue competition, but he allways worked very eagerly and he never gave in.
He loved all people, and he was wonderful with children. We can never trust a dog to hundred percent, but I trusted him to 99,9 percent, and he never turned me down.

Foto/ kanna

To the right: Opus with some of his prices from our Working Dog trials. He was a gifted search-and rescue dog. In trials for these dogs he achieved two certifiates and reached certifiate quality at several trials. He also reached certifdicate quality at the one and only tracking trial in the elite class competition that we ever entered. (See the page about the Swedish Working Dog trials)
He was also an Obedience Champion.

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