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OneWay's Secret Agent
born 13/7 2002
Sire: Korad, Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish CH
OneWay's Pokémon
Dame: OneWay's Mercedes

Pedigree (litter 38)

When wrighting this, Seaton has just arrived to us, eight weeks old. He seems very promising, in all respects. The four hours car travel home did not bother him, the fast och terribly noicy giant lorries, that passed us while we had our breaks, was nothing to worry about and the arrival here was indeed interesting, a lot of new things to investigate, tail in the air. The food, that was served soon after the arrival, tasted delicious.

Of course I have great plans for him (hoping that I will have energy enough to go through with them).
Seaton 1,5 years old
Here Seaton, 8,5 weeks old, is retrieving a one kilo dummy. His own weight: 5,5 kilo
Photo/Seaton Photo/Seaton


Friday Nov. 15th, 2002:
Now we have become real friends Seaton and I, and we are doing a lot of nice things together. He has learnt how to search for "lost objects". He has started to track a litte, short distances only of course, and he simply loves "working". He also has a lot of fun together with Banjo, who adopted him at once at his arrival. So we are all very happy to have him in our house, (not old Trolla perhaps, who finds him too noisy sometimes). I have not had a pup like him since I had Cleo and Opus, twenty years ago. And on top of his wonderful temperament he is also good looking and moves well.

Seaton, 10 months.
Seaton, 2 years old

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005: Seaton now has been with us for three years and I am still more than satisfied with him. He has a wonderful temperament, is mentally very strong, loves people, is friendly and easy going, is eager to work with and for me. In short, he has exactly what I want from a collie. He is now qualified as a third level trackingdog, and we are contuing traning.

A digital portrait of Seaton. 2 years old

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