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Trissa & Banjo

Convoco's Marimba (Trissa)
1995 - 2004
e. Springmist's Mad Max
u. Convoco's Acapella

Trissa was born into our family in 1995. At first, I did not intend to keep her, but I never regretted I did.

She was an alert and lively little lady, and she also had the blessed trait of doing her very best at utility dog trials, just like Opus did. The only thing I regret concerning her, is that I did not train her more intensively, and that I did not compete more with her when she was young.

She reached the third level at our tracking trial system on two trials though, the only ones I took her to.

We miss her very much.

Foto/Trissa Trissa, 7,5 years

Convoco’s Banjo
18/4.2001 - 20/2 2012
e.Byrilstorp’s Andrew
u. Convoco’s Marimba

Banjo, the latest rough collie in our family has become four years old by now, an adult and a very friendly family dog.

When it comes to working though, he is very unreliable. Sometimes he tracks wonderfully, sometimes he does not at all want to work and I have never managed to find out why his attitude concerning training is changing all the time. Today I would say, that in spite of his happy go temperament and his friendliness, he is not an ideal working dog. He has litter mates that have demonstrated good working capacities though. Probably I am the one to blame for our problems, that I can't find out how he ought to be trained, but we love him anyway, because he is so nice as long as I do not demand anything else from him than that he behaves decently, and that he certainly does.

Banjo, 3 years old

But here is one of his brilliant days, tracking like a dream.
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Updated 20/2 2012

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