Convoco's Collies

Convoco's Acapella (Trolla)
Connvoco's Acapella
(1991 - 2003)
e. Convoco's Orfeo
u. Almdalen's Farah

Acapella, Trolla called, was the smallest puppie in a litter of six who grw up to become a very big collie bitch. She was mated to Springmist's Mad Max (Sudden) which resulted in a litter where I kept one little puppy lady, Trissa (next page).

Trolla was no beauty, too big and course, but she was a very nice collie lady and she allways charmed all our visitors with her open, friendly and lovely temperament.

I trained her a little but I never went to any trials with her. She was a good and eager working collie though. You can see her tracking on the page about collies from Convoco's.

It was a very sad day when she left us in early spring 2003.

Trollas sida
Trollas sida

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