Whoman - An animal or a Human Being.
On the Biologistic Picture of Women
from A Theory of Science Perspektive.
An IT-book from alba
by Kerstin Berminge
Ph.D (theory of science and research)

Chapters, contents

This IT-book is not available in English.
The links below lead to the Swedish texts.
The intent of this page is only to inform English speaking visitors about the contents of the book.
However, I plan to write a short English Summary

1: The History of Biologism and Feminism (in Sweden)

2: Current Anti-feminist Biologism

3: Biologism, and What Science Can Tell Us

4: The Sociobiological Perspective

5: Genes, Gene Copies and Percentages

6: An Animal Among All the Others

7: Evolutionism

8: The Evolution of Human Beings - the Evolution of Men

9: Helplessness and Our Big Brains

10: The Experience of Two Female Researchers

11: Langurs, Infanticide and the Production of Gene Copies

12: Infanticides and Secret Ovulations

13: Sociobiology, Parents and Children

14: Monogamy or Polygamy?

15: Evolutionism and Maltreatment of Females

16: Evolutionary Psychology and the Middle Aged and Older Men's Dream

17: The Hore and the Madonna

18: Female Periods and Male Hormone Storms

19: Agression, War and Piece - Genetic Inheritance or Environmental Influences

20: Aggression and Egoism (Selfishness), a Scientific Misuse of Concepts

21: Films About Animal Behavior Used as Political Propaganda

22: Female Inactivity - Male Activity

23: About Two Biologistic Films

24: Conclusions


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