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Woman - an Animal
or a Human Being?

On the Biologistic Picture of Women
from A Theory of Science Perspective.

Kerstin Berminge ©

Published as an appendix to the
Net paper, nr7/2002
ISBN 91-631-3421-7
Is only available as an IT-book

This IT-Book consists, in principle, of 23 separate papers about how biologists, sociobiologists, evolutionary psychologists and physicians have used, and use biology to legitimate opression of women. As the author is a theorist of science, the subject is diskussed from a theory of science perspective in some of the papers (chapters), about what science in general can tell us.

Kerstin Berminge is a Doctor of Philosofy in Theory of Science and Research (earlier at Göteborg University). She has concentrated her research around the problem about how ideas flow between the biological disciplines and the disicplines of social, political, and behavioural sciences, what today is called "Social Studies of Biology".

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